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DCCC is a registered, non-profit organization in Canada. This is a family, education and inter-culture oriented community organization, devoting its efforts to serving Chinese Canadians and the general public of Durham Region.
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Achieve You Dreams

No matter whether you are new to Canada, or you have been here for many years, DCCC could help you achieve your career goal via our Empower Diversity Professional Forum - Diversity Job Fairs, DCCC Diversity Career Centre, and Newcomers' Settlement Services through Partnership with Recognized NPO's in the GTA.

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DCCC membership will not only offer you discounts on our programs (e.g. youth education program), but also enable you access various workshops, forums and events. Our sponsors will also provide benefits to DCCC members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer work is an excellent way to gain Canadian experience and Canadian references. Volunteering also helps you get practical knowledge of the Canadian workplace, develop new skills (such as interpersonal, communication and organizational skills) and make new friends. We are always looking for community-based volunteers to aid the community in various ways.

Live In Durham

Durham Region offers a variety of programs that promote a healthy lifestyle, foster community connection and help new comers. Here are some links to find local resources.

Whitby Recreation Programs

Durham Immigration Portal


2015-03-23-03-14-52杜兰加中文化中心再次成功举办多元族裔招聘会    2015年3月15日,杜兰加中文化中心携手Trent大学,在其位于奥沙瓦市的校区隆重举行了由安省延龄草基金会赞助的2015年杜兰区最大的多元族裔招聘会,这也是杜兰加中文化中心第三次成功举...
2015-newyear-funfair 2015年1月11日下午,DCCC和Durham Kids Club联合策划的Durham kids Fun fair在Trent University的礼堂圆满举行!20多名义工参与组织了这次活动。 在4个小时的funfair...



Changqing Celebration Party

Dccc entertain people who were volunteer for Spring Festival Gala to gratitude. This video is some highlights for the celebration party.

DCCC Diversity Job Fair 2014

DCCC (Durham Chinese Canadian Culture Centre) serving the diverse community

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